Everyone and Everything in the world are ‘Born’ and ‘Exist’ for a reason. We need to realize the reason for our birth and accomplish the assigned tasks. To realize and accomplish the assigned tasks we need the ‘Power of Knowledge’. Mind is the Power house of thoughts and thoughts transforms into Knowledge. But in the journey of life, we experience unusual situations and circumstances which weakens our mind and we get totally exhausted in life. Has a ‘Need of the hour’ it’s the time to wake up our ‘Self’, raise from the dust and excel in all aspects of our life.

Shoonya Shakthi Universal Services as taken up the initiative to provide an opportunity for every individuals and masses to undergo the process of ‘Self-Empowerment and reformation based on ‘Self Thoughts-Self Progress’ Unique concept. Through this unique concept, our mission is to ‘Rejuvenate, Reenergize, Restructure, Recreate and Rebuild our ‘Inner Self’.

We do organize the Seminars, conferences, Motivational speech and events based on ‘Self Thoughts-Self Progress’ unique concept and provide an opportunity to ‘Self-Empower and reform oneself’ as well as to realize the significance and the power of ‘Inner Self’.

The ‘Self Thoughts-Self Progress’ unique concept is an opportunity not only to excel and prosper in personal and professional aspects but also in all aspects of life.

Duration of the Session: 110 minutes to 150 minutes {approx.}